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Nobody likes going out to their car and finding a flat tire waiting for them. Smitty’s Auto Repair & Towing can have your tire changed and repaired with fast and reliable service. If you wake up to a flat or run over a nail, don’t put your car in a shop for a day just for a repair.


We will change your tire on site and take the damaged one in for repair and pick up later that day. You won’t be inconvenienced with time consuming repairs. For more information or to book a service appointment, call us today.

Don’t get down about your flat tire! Call us to have it changed and repaired.  Check out all our auto repair and towing services. Visit us today!

24/7 emergency assistance


Having the right tire for your car is an important safety measure to take. Make sure your tire treads aren’t worn down and that you have the best quality for road safety.  Contact us.


- Tire repairs

- Tire changes

- Patches




Tire must be ready for all types of weather


Don’t let a flat tire ruin your day